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Gold sell-off accelerates
Issue 1 [01/25/11]

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Earthquake in Japan
The Close: Mar. 11, 2011: Earthquake in Japan
[03-11-11 3:05 PM]

What will the earthquake in Japan mean for your commodities portfolio? BNN asks Chris Damas, President, BCMI Research...

Chris Damas, the author of The BCMI Report, is opinionated, edgy, and most importantly, prescient in his ability to time markets, pick winners and pan losers.

He is in the unique position of having been a billion dollar money manager and financial analyst, ex-scientist and academic, and experienced stock trader and entrepreneur, all rolled into one. The BCMI Report discloses all positions and intent in stocks mentioned.

Here are a few quotes from The BCMI Report in the first year of its production (2010).

"As soon as I see the "PermaBears" in the media trotting out their overly-used argument that this market rally is "false", I get more bullish and want to buy my favorite businesses" (November 18, 2010)

"It always pays to wait 2-3 days after an earnings release to get the real institutional reaction to be reflected in the stock price. Never jump in (or out) right away unless you are sure of an upgrade (or downgrade)" (October 29, 2010)

"We are believers that global industrial activity and end-consumer demand is better than most think. "The headline risks" are just that - mainly limited to headlines. (June 2, 2010)

"A Telecom Bird in the hand is worth more than a Federal Government trying to shoot it in the Bush. For buy and holders, just collect the dividend and be glad with BCE and TELUS, you have been outperforming the broader indices this year by a mile" (June 10, 2010)

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