Chris Damas, the author of The BCMI Report, is opinionated, edgy, and most importantly, prescient in his ability to time markets, pick winners and pan losers.
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  • weekly commentary from a 30 year stock market veteran
  • real-time developments affecting global equity and commodity markets.
  • a focus on developments with a high upside for investors and corporations
  • coverage of impending risks to the current status quo equity and commodities

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Energy, agriculture, forest, chemicals, telecoms, tech, transports, any sector is fair game. Stocks, REIT's, MLP's, convertibles, high yield fixed income and high dividend paying stocks, futures, options and currencies.

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“As soon as I see the ‘PermaBears’ in the media trotting out their overly-used argument that this market rally is ‘false’, I get more bullish and want to buy my favorite businesses”
– November 18, 2010 – Euro Credit Crisis